Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pics From A Few Years Back

My deadline to post an update on this site was supposed to be this weekend, but I know you'll understand when you hear what I've been up to.
I've been helping my sisters, Chrystal (Cave-Momma's Quest) & Jodi (Feral Child) with their side food businesses. They've been keeping me really busy actually. Since I came on board & added the handy dandy online Order Form, their business has just sky-rocketed. I'm very proud of them & glad I could be of assistance. In addition to that, I've been managing their incoming orders & keeping up with inventory, billing, & blogging. Phew.

*You can click the words "Order Form" & "blogging" above to be directed to either the online order form or Cave-Momma's Quest's Blog. :)  *

So I'm treating myself to a little break right now at the local coffee shop I mentioned on my last post. I've remembered my headphones tonight, so I can listen to my own Pandora stations instead of their choice of "music". I really do love that this place is open 24 hours & that their coffee is amazing. One of the guys made the wrong drink for me, so I got to drink the mess-up & now I'm working on the drink I ordered in the first place. I.am.not.complaining. :)

Since there were several years that I took a break from this blog, there are some photos to share with you now.

Over the last few years, my friends Lourdes & Michael got married & had a little boy.
I was one of the bridesmaids so I didn't photograph the wedding, but I did get a chance to take their Engagement Photos...with the assistance of one of my best friends, Jamie (one of the maids of honor). This was the year before I moved to Austin & I was living in Houston at the time, so Jamie & I drove to Austin to photograph this adorable couple!
Here are a few highlights from that session.
(The pic above was my personal fave from the shoot. 
We used it for their "Save-The-Date" cards.)
(We weren't in a rush. We started early in the morning & took pics until that evening.)
(I like the lens flare on this one & the colors it made...all of which was natural.
This shot was on the side of the Capital of Texas Hwy/360 Bridge.)
(We hung out up on the hill for quite a while. This is a brief moment where no cars were around.)

I had a wonderful time photographing them & I've had a wonderful time scouting spots to shoot in Austin, Tx with my friend, Samuel.

I'm still working on scheduling some future shoots & will post more when there is more to post about! Until then, keep checking back here weekly & let me know if you have something coming up that you need photographed! 
Or let me know if you've got photo albums/negatives/etc. that you need backed up! 
I'm an expert at archiving photos, these days! 
(& I bet you can't find someone to do this service & not charge you an arm/leg.)

Love Always,
(The photo above is provided courtesy of Jamie)